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Our Upcoming Events

If you haven't been to a Writer's Block event then you haven't lived!  On The Block we host a number of events throughout the year and we assemble some of the best local and national talent! One of our spotlight events is our Writer's Block Open Mic which has been coined as the #1 Open Mic Event in Houston Texas! 


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Our Outreach & Programs

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

On The Block we love to serve others!  We believe that service is a great display of selfless love. We have multiple ways that we serve our communities such as our partnership with Covenant House Houston, our Outreach in Clayton Homes and many more! 

1000+ New writers Campaign

On The Block we believe that “The Pen Is Stronger Than The Gun”, and that is why we launched our 1,000 Writer’s Campaign.  Our goal with this campaign is to give 1000+  youth and youth adults an alternative outlet for expressing themselves versus resulting to fighting and gun violence. We want to put notebooks and pens into the hands of 1000+ youth and young
adults across the city and encourage them to write down their goals, dreams and use their gifts for positivity. 


Years Serving communities

Writer's Block was founded in 2013 and has been serving and impacting communites everysince. 


On The Block we believe that everyone has a God given gift inside of them but not many know what that gift is or how to use it. We created our Writer's Block Writing and Performance Workshops to help teach the Art & Science behind writing, performing, branding yourself, networking and many more! In this workshop attendees learn from and connect with other professional and aspiring Artists, Poets, Musicians, Writers and more!  



Since 2013 through our many programs, workshops, events, and outreach efforts we have reached over 10,000+. 


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Join The Block

On The Block we are always looking for excited, gifted, and selfless individuals to join our team! Whether it's becoming an official Writer's Block Member, volunteering at one of our outreach efforts or making a donation to help us continue our mission we would love for you to join us! 


become a member

Interested in becoming an official Writer's Block Member?  Well join The Block today! Follow the link below to find out how you can become a member.

Volunteer opportunities

Interested in volunteering with The Block? We have mulitple ways that you could get involved. Follow the link below to find out how.

Make a Donation

Want to donate to The Block? Writer's Block is a certified Nonprofit 501c3 organization. Your generous donation would help us continue our mission.